Laser hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments for removing unwanted hair on the face and body for both men and women.

This procedure uses highly concentrated energy device to selectively target and remove hair follicles to reduce and stop hair growth.

This is a very popular long-term permanent treatment which is also highly effective.

This is a highly effective hair removal treatment delivering light energy at a wavelength of 650-950 nm for optimal absorption by your skin’s melanin within the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

You may start to notice a reduction in hair growth after the first few treatments but you will require a course of treatments to achieve the maximum benefit as your hair is in different growth phases

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Is it safe?

Laser hair removal is generally very safe and our laser cannot burn as it is cools the skin during your course of treatment and has safety mechanisms in place.

This technology involves strong contact cooling technology using a cold sphere tip to cool the skin during treatment, preventing superficial burns and resulting in more comfortable treatment for you.

How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers generally target your pigment in the hair follicle, people with very fair blond hair, or grey or white hair may not be suitable. You will need a course of treatments to achieve the maximum benefit.

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Avoid the sun or exposure to heat

Avoid exercise and hot showers after treatment

SPF before and after

What to expect:

The treatment is quick and well tolerated.

Most people experience minimal to no pain or no discomfort.

A cooling gel is applied to minimize any heat you may feel during this procedure and to maximize comfort.

You are advised to shave your hair prior to your treatment.

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Depending on the area to be treated, the treatment may take anywhere from 15 minutes for underarms to an hour for full legs or back. Average treatment sessions are between 30 – 60 minutes.