General practice and general medicine have a pivotal role in society. This vast field ranges from the care of children, women’s health, men’s health, diabetic care, weight loss, obesity, skin problems, HIV care and everything and anything else in between – that is the responsibility of the general practitioner. Your primary care doctor is in a perfect position to advise and counsel you on many an issue that is of concern to you.

Typically family doctors are the first point of contact for patients when they feel ill or experience a basic injury. The GP will initially make a diagnosis using simple procedures and decide how to treat you, may do some blood testing or other special investigations and then decide on whether to treat or send you to a specialist for more involved care. The most important reason for visiting your GP is that he knows your entire background, history and has records of all your visits to him.


For patients dealing with chronic conditions or ongoing health issues, the general practitioner helps to manage ongoing care. Some patients require regular check-ups so their doctor can monitor their conditions for signs of improvement or decline. Others need regular reassessment on regular medications. Family doctors assist with prescription maintenance. At our clinic we treat all general medical and surgical problems.

Dr Karolia completed his training in specialist diabetic care as well other chronic conditions like hypertension, arthritis, HIV medicine, as well as integrative medicine. We also are able to offer you advice on women’s healthcare, such as, contraceptive advice, gynaecological check-ups and hormonal issues.


It is recommended to visit your GP first, saving yourself from depleting your funds unnecessarily – your GP is your primary care physician. It’s not always necessary to see a specialist.

Dr Karolia also has an interest aesthetics, administering injectables such as Botox™ and dermal fillers, threads, chemical peels, microneedling (Dermapen 4), laser treatments, as well as managing dermatological problems, such as, acne, eczema, pigmentation of the face.

The most precise and holistic healthcare is available to you at Dr Karolia.