Integrative medicine focuses on bring you up to your full potential as a whole person or individual. Integrative medicine potentially focuses on maintaining and optimising your health by utilising all appropriate therapeutic approaches and disciplines. Integrative medicine is a combination of both modern medicine and all other successful treatments around the globe.

This broad range of approaches are not widely taught at our medical schools. Dr Karolia has travelled widely to bring to you the patient the benefits of these specialised approaches to your health care needs and requirements.

Integrative medicine examines each patient at a cellular level and optimal wellness is then obtained by balancing that individual elements, e.g. gut health, hormonal balance Polycystic ovarian syndrome or even the male andropause or female menopause.

Integrative medicine focuses on your physiology, your predispositions, your genetic makeup, the environmental inputs that influence health and disease, so that the necessary interventions can be introduced and treatments of the cause of your problems especially of chronic conditions can be instituted. Integrative medicine treats the cause, not only your symptoms.

This form of medicine is attractive to many people because it emphasis on treating the whole person, its promotion of optimal health and well-being, prevention of disease, and it is often regarded as a more personalised approach to obtaining healthcare.

Dr Karolia uses conventional and integrative medicine and this combination has found to be superior to either one on its own. Dr Karolia’s focus is on keeping patients healthy by preventing the degenerative processes of ageing and disease, thus extending the quality of your health for his patients.

A wide range of services are available at our clinic such as, a diabetic care centre, medical weight loss programme, aesthetic medicine, hormone balancing, general medicine and general practice and a skincare clinic.

Results and Effects

  • From the 2nd week
  • 4 – 6 treatments, monthly.
  • Results are cumulative and continue to improve with each treatment
  • Combination therapy together with our Erbium fractional non-ablative treatments can catalyse the rate of rejuvenation