Slender Wonder

Slender Wonder is a safe and effective weight and fat loss programme that will encourage

you to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Slender Wonder Work?

The Slender Wonder programme includes a low GL (glycaemic load) eating programme

combined with lipotrophic supplements and injections (HCG) to  help mobilise the excess

fat which has accumulated over time. Four hundred grams of fat can be lost each day if the

eating program is strictly adhered to

The Four Components of The Slender Wonder Programme

The Wonder Meal Plan

The Wonder Supplements

The Wonder daily Lipotrophic (HCG) injections

The Wonder Support System

The Four Components of The Slender Wonder Programme

  • The programme is simple, easy to follow and works quickly. We provide natural and

    prescription appetite suppressants to help you during the initial 7 – 10 days which are the

    most challenging.

    Once the Leptin levels kick in, adhering to the program becomes much easier – being

    motivated isn’t difficult when you feel great and full of energy.

    Our patients manage to maintain their weight loss long term by following a maintenance programme.

Fat Lipolysis

Can’t get rid of stubborn fat? No matter how much you follow a healthy lifestyle?

Fat Lipolysis contains Sodium Deoxycholate which is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body to break down fat cells.

The latest generation of fat dissolving injections are more effective and comfortable than other older forms.

Areas that can be treated using Fat Lipolysis:


Flanks/Love Handles

Saddle bags

Inner thighs

Inner Knees

Upper arms

Back rolls

Under arm bra fat

Integrative Medicine


Dependent on area, minimum of 2 – 4 injection

R1500 per injection

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Karolia will assess your situation, your history and find the reason as to why you’re struggling with your weight.

This involves full medical history and blood tests.

Integrative Medicine consult: R900

30 min

Hormone Therapy

Dr Karolia will try to balance your hormonal imbalance with bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy which may be causing your weight gain.